What are the Questions to Ask in the Interview with a Tech Company

‘Do you have any questions for me?’

In most job interviews, after answering a pack of nerve-wracking questions, the tables will turn around and our interviewer will prompt you with this note - ‘Do you have any questions for me’. When it comes to your turn to do the asking, it is high time you took advantage of this opportunity to wrap up the interview by further impressing us with relevant and engaging questions. It is the best way to discover details that you might not have unveiled previously in the interview. Especially for any tech company, it is also the time to determine whether you are passionate and ready to become part of the company.


Here are some of the possible questions you can ask - and why you should ask - at the end of your interview with a tech company and especially Meltwater.


What is the size and structure of the team?

Practical this question may seem, it is a good idea you make use of this opportunity to know more about the career path lying ahead of you if you are to join the company. At Meltwater, we have different teams that come in different sizes and consist of a variety of roles. With a clearer concept of what the team you are applying for is like, you can know more about potential progressions in our company and more importantly, whether that is the pace or destination you want.

What are the major challenges I will face in this role?

It is important for you to be aware of any obstacles that you will encounter in your new role. By asking this question, you are demonstrating an understanding that there will be challenges and showing your desire to overcome them and be a success. Also, the interviewer’s answer to the question may serve as a reality check for you to determine whether the job is truly suitable for you.

What has made others successful in this role?


No matter what you are applying to, your goal would be to become successful in your new role. It is always great to know what Meltwater values from someone in this position so that you can have a better grasp of how you can excel in the position. This question can give our interview an impression that you are not only passionate about this job but also determined to contribute to our company. 

What do you like most about working for the company?

This question is important because it allows an opportunity to get personal with our interviewer. Just like anyone else, our interviewers would be more than happy to talk about themselves and especially things they know well. By prompting our interviewer to share their experiences in Meltwater, you could create a sense of rapport with our interviewer as a nice wrap-up to the nerve-wracking interview. More importantly, you can have a glimpse of the best parts about working for Meltwater from a first-hand insider’s perspective. If you could feel our interviewer’s passion for the company and the excitement about their day to day work, you know that this is a great place to work at!

Interview your interviewer!

A job interview is always a two-way process. Not only is it an opportunity for the interview to drill every candidate and determine whether you are the ideal person for the role, but it is also an opportunity for you to assess if Meltwater and the role you are applying to are a good fit for you. This assessment is important because we want to make sure that you are not only the best candidate for the position but also that you would be part of our success story in the long term. 


Thus, do take this golden chance to tease out more about the role, our company culture and values! End the interview with some engaging questions to make you stand out as someone dedicated to this interview process!


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