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Top 3 Interview Questions to Prepare for a Job at Tech Company

Along your job-hunting journey, hearing back from the tech company could be exciting. But now that you are one step closer to your dream job, the next step is the key to making things happen.

In this article, we will navigate some of the most basic yet important questions in the job interview with a tech company, especially at Meltwater, that could help you stand out from the large pool of candidates. That is not to say our interviewers will only ask you a standard set of questions. However, once you have mastered the top 3 interview questions, your foundation is set for tougher, more complex interview challenges ahead.


Question 1 : Self-introduction 

After the initial pleasantries and greetings, a self-introduction is usually in order. Our interviewer will ask for a brief self-introduction to learn more about you before taking things from there. This is the time for you to display a decent first impression to us! Instead of rambling on about your life story and walking through the long list of achievements on your CV, it is a good idea to give a short and striking response. Tailoring your answer to the position you are applying for and creating a strong personal brand in place will arouse the interest of the interviewer to learn more about you.

If you are not sure how to structure your answer, here’s a tip to start things off: 

  • Talk about your key personality traits, 

  • Back your points up with your past experiences and how these traits and experiences bring you here. 

  • Make sure you can demonstrate how your relevant experiences and skills make you apply to the job and your passion for the role from the very beginning!


Question 2 : Why Meltwater and why this position?

As a candidate, you would want to show us that you are a good fit for our company. To present yourself as a valuable asset, there are several aspects that you could cover in answering this question. 


1.How can you fit into the crowd? 

For all the companies, it is commonplace that they want to hire someone who can fit into the organisational culture and work culture well. At Meltwater, we place a strong emphasis on 4 cultural values - Moro (Fun), Enere (Number One), Respekt (Respect) and MER (Continuous Improvement). It is important to show us that you have the unique skills, abilities, and personality to fit and thrive in our company culture and build long careers with us. With that, we can better understand how you'd operate from a personality and value perspective, both with coworkers and members of leadership. 


2. How can you help the company succeed? 

Companies always look for people who believe strongly in the company’s mission and want to make a positive impact on the organization and its clients. To show that you can contribute to our success, read up on what’s happening with Meltwater, understand our industry landscape and identify our competitors, familiarize yourself with the values of media intelligence solutions to clients, . Not only do we want to know about your practical knowledge of the unique industry that we are standing in, but we also want to have a sense of your enthusiasm in joining and going above and beyond with us. 


Then, you can reflect on how your past experiences, achievements and strengths empower you to create value for our business, elaborating on how you could make an impact in enhancing our business growth and development. Our career website, social media channels and job description are good places to start! Having good knowledge of the responsibilities of the position is crucial to properly communicate your motivations for pursuing the role.

Question 3 : What are your career goals?

This question might come in different forms, such as ‘Where do you see yourself in the next 2-3years’, ‘How do you see yourself developing in this company’, ‘What do you aspire to achieve in your career path’ etc. The main rationale behind this question is to probe your ambition and motivation and to know whether you are a dedicated employee who plans to stay at our company for a long time. At Meltwater, we especially look for candidates that embody our cultural values. 


To illustrate that you are a highly self motivated person who is eager to grow, learn and challenge yourself, you can first outline vital short-term goals and long-term goals relevant to your jobs and passion in life, complemented with concrete actionables that help you achieve your aspirations. By preparing a story that demonstrates the required value, personalities, attributes and skills for the role, you can assure us that you would be of great significance in helping to grow the company as well.

Final thoughts

Beside preparing these top three interview questions, make sure you also follow these best practices:


Get Introspective & Rehearse - the more you rehearse the answers to those questions, the more comfortable you’ll be when it comes time for the actual interview.


Dress properly - When you show up for an interview, you want your outfit to be appropriate even if it may not be the number one criteria that your interviewers judge you against, but first impressions certainly do matter. An unwritten rule is to dress just slightly nicer than everyday employees do.

Be mindful of your body language - Our interviews may make you nervous, but don't be afraid to show some of your personality when you're providing answers. Your tone of voice and body language both show the hiring manager just as much as your answer itself:

  • Tilt your head slightly when the hiring manager is speaking and maintain eye contact. However, keep it looking natural and don’t stare.

  • Show a sincere smile when you enter the meeting room

  • Give a firm (but not clenching) handshake and smile

  • Keep your arms and hands open

  • Don’t fidget or touch your face

  • Lean in slightly towards the interviewer

  • Mirror the interviewer’s body posture in a subtle way indicates an alignment of views, as well as comfort and connection.

  • Sit comfortably, with a straight back and both feet pointed towards the interviewer.

Be honest - Honesty is important. You may think that exaggerating your accomplishments, or claiming to have done something on your resume that you never did, is small and insignificant but lies can quickly turn into more lies. Being honest and realistic about what you can and cannot do on the job is beneficial to you in the long run. Being honest about what type of person you are, we want ethical employees with integrity who will admit when they need help.

Good luck with your interview!


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