Sunny Chen

Sales Consultant, China

"To us, sales is much more than selling a product. It is about creating a solution tailor-made to our clients, impacting their every small or big decision."

Q: Upon graduation from HKU, what plans did you have for your future career? 


I studied Global Business, but I was particularly passionate in business analytics, PR and marketing. With my internship experiences in these areas, I was able to land a job in Meltwater, and it was very different from any jobs I had in the PR or marketing field. 

To me, the typical PR or marketing work lacked variety, not to mention the limited opportunities for fast personal and career growth. On the other hand, I have experienced a steep learning curve in Meltwater through actively engaging with senior management across industries since day 1. Adding on, not only is Meltwater a big data company, which is in my area of interest, it also guarantees promising career prospects. So, this is why I chose to kick-start my career at Meltwater.



Q: Why did you choose Meltwater?

When it comes to selecting job opportunities, the people, workplace culture and industry are fundamental.

Industry-wise, I love marketing and communications, and media monitoring is the key to comprehensive market research. Meltwater, as the market leader in media monitoring, allows me to “listen” and “engage” different markets with media intelligence in the big data industry, especially social media intelligence.

In terms of workplace culture, Meltwater is a young and dynamic workplace full of inspiring people to work with. I was well-aware of that in my interview process. People in Meltwater impress me the most. Everyone offers intelligent data insights from many innovative perspectives, motivating me to strive for excellence altogether. To us, sales is not just a job, but an impactful tool to improve our clients’ decision-making process.

Meltwater also invests heavily in people as they believe in maximising one’s potential by organising networking events, training sessions and business meetings. Sometimes, my manager would act as a career advisor and give us suggestions with how to further our career. I found this really helpful and I even got my fast promotion within the company.

Q: What does (being a) sales in Meltwater mean to you?

Initially, I thought that making cold calls and persuading clients to buy into our products would be simple and quick. But the reality is that sales is not a one-off pitch. Unlike debating where you know the results immediately, sales does not always produce immediate results. And this is why consistent, high-standard efforts have to be made to make sales happen.

Although it is challenging, it has prompted a lot of personal development for me, especially since I was new to the workforce at the time.


Also, sales at Meltwater requires knowledge regarding a plethora of industries, ranging from technology, robotics, pharmaceutical to gaming. Therefore, I have to keep myself updated on the latest news every day to extend my knowledge on different industries and topics.

Dreams don’t work unless you do. Always take action with a goal in mind.

Q: What was the most difficult challenge you were confronted with at Meltwater?


I think the most difficult challenge I was confronted with here is not a task, but rather the mentality to constantly improve. If I wish to achieve a desired result, I should be willing to go the extra mile; I should think in the perspective of my clients, so I can provide them with tailored support even if it means more work. For example, I prepared an analytics report and shared new industry trends with my clients to gain trust, ultimately developing a long-term connection.

Moreover, objectives are set for every task in Meltwater. To accomplish the planned objectives, I have to step out of my comfort zone, devise an actionable plan and work on it with perseverance, because dreams don’t work unless you do. Always take action with a goal in mind. I learn to take actions always with the goals in mind.


Q: Do you have any upsetting moments that you recall during your time at Meltwater? 

I am optimistic, so I rarely feel upset. However, in the beginning, I was not used to being checked on every task. I would sometimes skip a few “insignificant” steps in the work principles. My leader has patiently corrected my working habit and ultimately avoided any undesirable results.

The other time, I was unable to achieve my sales target, which delayed my promotion to senior sales consultant. I was really upset at that time. Fortunately, the management team remained supportive and encouraging, which helped me quickly overcome my self-doubt and pick myself back up with a positive and unyielding attitude.

Be open-minded to any learning opportunity and stay curious about the unknown.

Q: What kind of person do you think should join Meltwater? Do you have any advice for career development? 

Ambitious and energetic. Be open-minded to any learning opportunity and stay curious about the unknown. People who are skilled in creative thinking also suit Meltwater’s culture very well.  


My advice would be to set clear personal and career goals to keep you motivated.

Only you can know what you truly desire in your career, so start thinking about your goals now, then take actions once you have your goals ready. Meltwater will be a very valuable and treasured opportunity that will guide you towards accomplishing your goals.

Big data is the new currency of decision-making

Q: What is your opinion regarding Meltwater and the big data and media intelligence industry?

I believe our products are essential to any company or industry. Currently, many potential clients are still unfamiliar with media intelligence and how valuable it can be to branding and marketing.

From market launch, competitor analysis to business development, big data is the new currency of decision-making. I am confident that Meltwater will remain a fast-growing company in Greater China at least for the next 10 years.


Compared with our competitors, Meltwater products have global data sources as well as Chinese media coverage. And our team is dedicated to addressing our client’s pain points, helping them establish KPIs for market operations and conducting different competitor analysis.

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