Six Key Criteria to Assess Candidate Fit for Meltwater

What are some key attributes that come to mind when hiring new employees  for Meltwater?

There are likely hundreds of similar applicants after the same position- how do we pick out the hidden, exceptional gems? To prepare additionally for your interview with us, we wanted to capture some more information about how we recruit and what we look for in prospective employees. With over 2000 employees worldwide, our people are at the heart of our success. We use the following hiring criteria to assess candidate fit for Meltwater, in a sales and non-sales position. 

Key Hiring Attributes

leadership potential

We are looking for a business leader first and a sales leader second. You should be able to contribute to the overall business strategy as well as your own quota attainment strategy. You should be interested in impacting not just your quotas but your colleagues and you should be interested in contributing to our culture and not just your core sales KPIs.

leadership (1).png

We are looking for people who get out of bed to move mountains and people that will not be phased by any external challenges that may come their way. Your track record must show your drive, but the way you respond to challenges and setbacks will evidence your stamina.

Team Player

We are looking for people with no sharp elbows who will celebrate their colleagues’ successes at the end of the quarter even when their own sales quarter has not gone exactly to plan.

BUSINESS Intelligence

We are looking for people with intelligence and sophistication who are inquisitive and interested in our industry, our clients, our business and everything beyond the sales that we do.

Personality & Humour

Good humoured, vibrant, inspiring personalities make the environment we work in so special. We want people who don't sweat the small stuff and love to genuinely connect with their co-workers.

Communication Skills

We work every day with marketers and public relations professionals at the top of their game, we expect our staff to be succinct, prepared, polished and thorough.

Key Cultural Criteria

Moro [‘mo(·)ro]

Moro [‘mo(·)ro]

​Norwegian for “Fun.” We believe that in order to become successful as a whole, we should all enjoy ourselves. 

We create a fun, ambitious, collaborative and international working environment where everyone is driven by a growth mindset.


Respekt [re’spekt]

Respekt [re’spekt]

Norwegian for “Respect.” We believe it matters how a company or an individual becomes number one. Striving to be the best doesn’t mean sharp elbows: we should all treat our colleagues and customers with respect and humility.


Enere [‘e nðr’e]

Enere [‘e nðr’e]

​In Norwegian, this means “number one.” At Meltwater, ‘average’ isn’t good enough. Our goal is to build a groundbreaking company, where team members push themselves beyond their comfort zone, to develop as professionals, and as people. Our customers should expect that we will go above and beyond to provide a world-class product and service, and that we will always put them number one.

Number one



An acronym for Moro, Enere and Respekt, which creates the Norwegian word “More.”

We celebrate our victories without losing our drive to improve—whether in reaching personal goals or corporate milestones. Though simple on the surface, our values guide us in everything we do, from how we prioritise our objectives and make decisions to how we clarify expectations and measure our success.

Continuous Improvement

Our corporate culture really matters- it is the guiding principle to our sound business decisions and activities at work. This is what makes our employees excited to come to work everyday, which is also why we’re awarded for having the ‘Happiest Employees’ by Comparably


We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply. While there is no hard and fast list, it’s just as important for you to determine if a company is the right fit for you and your long term career trajectory. Our interviews consist of a series of behavioural and competency based questions. Make sure you come ready to talk about yourself and share your achievements, key skills and past experiences. Your answers should always reflect back to our six key traits with concise examples. We want to hear your thought process in a logical and structured approach. Most importantly, we really want to explore how we connect, and whether your goals and desires align with our line of business at Meltwater. Our recruitment process is developed for us to discover more about you, and a chance for you to share your story with us. Finding your dream job is a worthwhile investment, and we hope you’re ready to pursue yours with us!

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