A Typical Day At Meltwater

A Typical Day at Meltwater with Area Director - Joey Lee

8:30 am

I like showing up earlier as I wish to spare some time going through the emails and grab a cup of coffee before work. And to begin the day, our team would go through each other’s day plan to make sure we would be doing the log-ins on time and be better prepared when there’s any upcoming meetings.

9:00 am

I start picking up the phone at 9am sharp and approach directly to the c-level from companies that I am really passionate about. A good conversation with C-level would make me a rewarding morning and keep my day strong. I pitch about how our services help to track online news and social media pieces, and how they can use these insights to stay ahead in their industry based on their recent news. Getting preliminary ideas about client’s business, I would then schedule them a virtual demonstration within the week, or even on the day!

11:00 am

In between calls and demonstrations, I would send out follow-up emails and set up tailored dashboard for each clients with graphs and charts that they wish to see. As a new starter, my MD would also listen to my calls, give me instant feedback and map out strategies so we can improve after each trials.

1:00 pm

Time for lunch! We enjoy going out for lunch as a team and discovering all kinds of delicious food around Central. We treasure the relaxing hour to chat with each other and share our day at work.

2:00 pm

After lunch, I arrange a log-in demonstration with an uprising E-commerce platform client in China. The consultative sales part comes in here that I process the information from last call, find out interesting news on various china media portals, get more concrete ideas on the expectations, tailor the set-up, and to lead to deal negotiation and closure.

3:30 pm

I am going to a retail group for a client meeting today. It’s the first meeting after a couple of log-ins and negotiation. Client finds the dashboard very fascinating and useful of saving manpower. They sign the contract immediately! To me, the exciting moment is to RING THE BELL - such a joyful tradition at Meltwater to share the story and achievement with the office.

5:00 pm

Around day end, I would start prospecting companies that I wish to pitch tomorrow or in the coming week. This can give me a better picture of who I would be talking and it’s a good time to read news about the targeted companies and be prepared on what to say.

6:00 pm

It’s a busy and productive day! This evening is well spent with colleagues as we are granted with corporate gym membership which we can sweat our heart out! 

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