Ruoyun Ji

Account Executive, China

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"Sales at Meltwater allows for self-discovery, understanding myself better and unleashing the potential I never knew I had."

Q: Upon graduation from the Cass Business school, what plans did you have for your future career? 

As I became increasingly aware of the diverse pool of career opportunities out there, I gradually gained a clearer picture of how I would imagine my future career path. My first criteria was to find a workplace that had allowed for swift personal and career development and an upbeat work pace within my first 2-3 years. Secondly, I hope for a company with a comprehensive and rigorous training system that will provide me with a clear career development path and a direct daily workflow. Lastly and most importantly, I need to find genuine enjoyment for my work. I want to have accomplished and established colleagues to learn from and acquire new knowledge. The culture and opportunities at Meltwater fully met my expectations. Even though we have a clear daily work schedule, the tasks are not monotonous and repetitive which I really appreciate. Meltwater offers an array of value-building solutions that allow me to learn from different business challenges and clients from a diverse range of industries. So, it is safe to say that I really enjoy working at Meltwater. 


Q: Why did you choose Meltwater?

I worked at a state-owned enterprise in the UK before I joined Meltwater and the workplace culture was completely different from Meltwater’s. It was a stable and stress-free job, but the enterprise was reluctant to grant opportunities to newcomers. Regardless of one’s capability, all positions are assigned according to seniority. Meltwater creates a performance-driven and fast-paced culture for its employees, enabling every team to quickly acquire skills and knowledge through real responsibilities. Besides, the promotion system is very fair and just as promotions are determined by our work performance.

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Moreover, the tech industry in China is currently booming at a rapid pace. Given the promising prospect in China, I am very optimistic and excited about what the future holds for my career here.


Another prevailing reason for why I chose Meltwater is actually my leader Cindy. She left a lasting impression on me even after the first time I met her. When Cindy was commenting on my interview performance, I was impressed by her clarity of thought, logical thinking and excellent communication skills during our conversation. She could easily tell my strengths and weaknesses, and guided me through the action steps I should take to improve myself. I trust that I will continue to learn more from her in the future. 


Lastly, I really liked how Meltwater’s products can bring value to our clients and address their needs. Generally, I’m very interested in Meltwater’s work with different clients.

Q: What was the most difficult challenge you were confronted with at Meltwater?

I find that persevering on a task is very challenging. When it comes to my daily work, I read news every day, getting myself familiar with the latest media mentions and industry trends, then find the right people and reach out to them. Although it may sound like a piece of cake, it starts to feel tedious and tiresome when you have to do it day after day, year after year. For example, when we have already met the sales target of the month, it is hard to maintain the same diligence and rigor afterward to go beyond the initial target. Therefore, a workplace’s culture and general sense work ethic is very important. At Meltwater, we stress the importance of “Enere”, the Norwegian term for “Number One”. Because here average is not good enough, and we always strive to exceed expectations. By keeping “Enere” in mind, I maintain the strive to continuously transcend and push my limits to earn more achievements and reach more milestones, and this I truly value. Concurrently, we must always set higher standards for ourselves and strive for the best. Whenever I realize my weekly performance is better than the previous week, I see it as an indicator of my improvement and I come to see the results of my efforts. 

Q: Do you have any upsetting moments that you recall during your time at Meltwater? 

I get really upset and frustrated with myself when I don’t meet my sales target. There was one time when I failed to reach my target in December of 2018 because of some objective factors and that was a hard hitting moment for me. However, I did not give up. On the contrary, I learned a lot from my seniors and improved my sales techniques. I managed to sign with 5 clients in the following month! With this unique experience, I’ve learned to persevere and confront challenges with optimism. I have grown to be mentally tough, enduring the potential sales that come with stress.

Q: What kind of person do you think should join Meltwater? Do you have any advice for career development? 

I think the most important qualities are to be self-disciplined, diligent and self-motivated. With these qualities, you would be able to persevere in the midst of ordeals. You need to be ready for all the new tasks and knowledge you will be confronted with at the beginning of a new career, therefore, it is fundamentally important for you to be able to learn quickly and adjust, reflect upon yourself and always have high standards.

It is fundamentally important for you to be able to learn quickly and adjust, reflect upon yourself and always have high standards.

Q: What does (being a) sales at Meltwater mean to you?

 I will summarize my experience in the sales team with two points:

Firstly, sales at Meltwater allows for self-discovery, understanding myself better and unleashing the potential I never knew I had. Before joining Meltwater, I was more familiar with financial data as I worked at an insurance company and had limited ideas about understanding clients’ needs or pain points. However, Meltwater hires talent based on their potential and believes in cultivating talents through real work exposure. Therefore, once I got in Meltwater, I was immediately trained and assigned with the real task of pitching a global medical instrumentation company. By building searches and customizing the dashboard on our media monitoring platform, I was able to track media mentions and identify key discussions for their different products and solutions! The client appreciated our insights in the pitch and ended up integrating them into their product development strategies. It was nerve-wracking but genuinely exciting at the same time. I would never be able to close the deals without the on-the-job training and coaching with my MD. My MW sales experience has unleashed the potential I never knew I had!

Sales is about continuous self-improvement to accomplish more.

Sales is not as easy as everyone thinks, there are certain challenges and scenarios that you will only encounter when you become a sales consultant. There were a few times that I failed to meet the sales target, my colleagues and managers gave me constant support by offering concrete feedback and goal-setting advice. I was able to sign with 5 clients in the following month! Working at Meltwater has really allowed me to continuously improve my weaknesses and develop a strong mentality despite moments of self-doubts.

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Q: What excites you the most at Meltwater?

It excites me everytime I successfully arrive at the contract signing stage with a client. At Meltwater, we have a bell in the office and we get to ring it and celebrate together whenever we close a deal.

I recall a time when we provided Mindray Medical with insights from media monitoring. The client appreciated our insights in the pitch and ended up integrating them into their product development strategies.

During the pandemic, we were able to update customers with the most accurate information at real-time, whether it was about medical facility equipment technology or import and export policies which had helped them advance and become the global leader in the medical field.


Nonetheless, conversing with my client is very exciting to me. The people I speak with are mostly CEOs or directors, which usually means that they have a deep and clear understanding of their industry, so I can learn a lot from the inspiring conversations. At the same time, I always feel very excited whenever I communicate with customers about their pain points and needs, then recommending an effective solution to them.

Q: What is your opinion regarding Meltwater and the big data and media intelligence industry?

During my time at Meltwater, I’ve noticed that top-tier companies set the industry standards, while second-tier companies prioritize on developing strong branding, and third-tier companies focus on the quality of their products. Being a sales consultant means transforming and empowering Chinese business by harnessing the power of #outsideinsights. Currently, Chinese brands are in the stage of transcending and developing from being a third-tier company to a second-tier company. I find that they put a lot of attention in leveraging their soft power through branding to ultimately get to a global level by distinguishing their high-quality and advanced products. I feel honored to have the chance to witness this transformation, and above all, be a part of this business transformation. I genuinely believe this industry will prosper in the future.

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