Max Wang

Client Success Analyst Intern, China

"This internship experience taught me that success isn’t as unattainable as I thought, but you must not give up"

Max was a Client Success Intern from Boston University who majored in Management Information Systems and Operational Management. As a Client Success Intern, he was actively involved in core tasks such as client acquisition, conducting sales reports, tracking specific vendors and meeting clients. On campus, he was the Vice President of the MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum and was very passionate global business developments. Max was unafraid of new challenges and always eager to learn beyond his horizons. 

I still  remembered the night of May 23rd, 2017. I was formally dressed up, sitting in  front  of my  desk and nervously waiting for a Skype call. My manager Minsi, who was the director of Client Success Shanghai, told me that the final outcome of the interview process was going to be announced through a video call at 8PM.   The call dialed in at 8:05PM, and to my relief,  I was told to be qualified and accepted as the Client Success intern for the 2017 summer! I was overjoyed at that moment as I realised that this was going to be the beginning of a truly exciting summer. 40 days after the Skype call, I arrived at the SOHO building in Shanghai. I strided in with confidence as I believed I was well prepared to accomplish any upcoming tasks put forward to me at Meltwater. 

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The  first person I met at the office was my manager Minsi, and I started my day with an office tour. Everything looked fine and exhilarating until I attended the first Monday morning meeting, and I’ve already lost myself with the content and the jargon they were using. This was when I reached a moment of realisation that I might have underestimated my internship, because it was as easy as I thought it would be. 

I’ve soon discovered that the majority of my internship involved these core tasks: solving tickets, tracking specific vendors, sales calls, conducting reports, meeting clients and organising various office activities. It sounded simple, but I found it extremely challenging at the beginning.  I had hundreds of questions  everyday, dozens of tickets that seemed endless to solve before the end of the day, and I struggled to familiarise myself with all the current sales routines.  It certainly took time for me to get used to working in this fast and dynamic environment. On the 

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bright side, things gradually turned out for the better after two weeks, and I no longer needed to complete any assigned tasks with the support from my account manager. I knew how to work independently to meet account manager work targets and clients’ requirements. My efficiency improved immensely once I’ve acquired the skill of time management.  A meaningful experience of this internship I recalled was when I was put in charge to arrange several office activities, including two office bonding and an office photo shooting event. The photos below perfectly encapsulate how much fun I had during these Meltwater office bonding sessions!

Majority of my internship involved these core tasks: solving tickets, tracking specific vendors, sales calls, conducting reports, meeting clients

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Finally, my most memorable achievement during this internship was when I successfully closed a deal on my last day at Meltwater. My client, Tsinghua University Education Foundation was listed as the top 1 Richest Foundation among all foundations in China (a total asset of ¥5.1b in 2015!).  This deal meant a-lot to me because it actually proved my capability in acquiring such a difficult client. I had to be persistent every time I attempted to reach my client because oftentimes, new customers are reluctant to switch their services and try out what’s new in the market. I never gave up on this client. 

After several attempts, I still haven’t received any desired results. One day, I decided to send a trial email to the President and General Secretary as my last attempt. Thankfully in the next morning, I was finally able to win their attention, where they agreed to test out our product and listen to how Meltwater services work. To their realisation, they actually needed this kind of media monitoring, and the contract was signed within 30 minutes during our call. This experience taught me that success isn’t as unattainable as I thought, but you must not give up. Eventually, I was able to have my spotlight during the monthly closing night and ring the ‘golden bell’ to share my successful closing deal just like my other capable colleagues that I’ve looked up to. 

It was definitely a fruitful internship experience, and I’ve truly grown professionally and personally from it. I am so grateful for the community I have at Meltwater, and the endless support I’ve received throughout.


Thank you all!