• Universities of Warwick, Birmingham and Nottingham Career Fair
    Careers I Meltwater China
  • HKUST Career Mosaic Spring 2020
    Careers I Meltwater China
  • HKU Career Fair
    University of Hong Kong Main Building
  • "Business Faculty Career Fair - Investing in HKU Business School’s Global Talents – Empower & Match"
    Careers I Meltwater China
  • Johns Hopkins Carey Business School-China Trek 2020
    Careers I Meltwater China
  • 2020 AUCA Winter Career Fair
    Careers I Meltwater China
  • 上海大学2020届毕业生秋季招聘会
  • 东华大学招聘讲座
  • 复旦大学招聘讲座
  • 同济大学招聘讲座
  • 上海对外经贸大学招聘讲座
  • 上海外国语大学招聘讲座
  • Career talk - University of Nottingham Ningbo
    University of Nottingham Ningbo
  • HKUST Career Mosaic 2019
    Hong Kong University of Science and Tech
  • Recruitment Talk @The University of Manchester
    The University of Manchester
  • Recruitment Talk @University of Birmingham
    University of Birmingham
  • Recruitment Talk @University of Nottingham
    Nottingham City Council
  • Recruitment Talk @University of Warwick
    University of Warwick
  • Recruitment Talk @King's College London
    King's College London
  • Recruitment Talk @Imperial College London
    Imperial College London
  • HKUST Career Mosaic 2018
    Hong Kong University of Science and Tech
  • CityU Career Festival 2018
    City University of Hong Kong

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