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Our Client Acquisition team is responsible for bringing onboard new clients and increasing Meltwater's market share.  They are responsible for all stages of the sales process from prospect identification to the consultation to closing a contract.



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Meet the Hiring Managers


Meet Cindy

Cindy Jin


Managing Director,

Client Aquisition,




Joined in 2008.

Employee #4 for Mainland China Team

Founding members of Shanghai and Beijing Office

1st China millionaire dollar club member (in 2013)

Q. What attracted you to stay in Meltwater for more than a decade?


Actually, I lot of people have asked me this question, including some clients. They are very curious on how am I able to keep the passion on my first job for so long. A very important reason is that I have witnessed the growth of Meltwater in its entirety. When I joined, Meltwater didn’t have any office in China. We trained in Hong Kong for 2 months, and then got back to Shanghai, and started our Shanghai office with only 5 people, and then in 2011 we started our Beijing office. I have participated in this journey in the past, step by step. This is why I have this sense of belonging and responsibility.

In a platform like Meltwater, everyday we are able to be in touch with various people and company. I have learned so much from these clients, about their business, their strategies and their style of working. I also really enjoy working with my very energetic team.

Q. What are the proudest projects you have handled?


I think the experience with WHO and China-ASEAN Exposition are the most worth sharing.


WHO is a world known NGO. We work with them since 2009. At the time I just joined, and did not have much experience, so I did spent a lot of effort and time. They have been using our service since then. They used meltwater to monitor the newest governmental policies from Health Ministers or information on various sickness within the APAC region. This helps their marketing department in collecting data. It was a very quick negotiation, from showing them the demo to signing the contract. They even sent me a thank-you letter after the contract. It had been a very memorable experience.


China-ASEAN Expo is another example. This is a state-owned enterprise in GuangXi with a very strict hierarchy within the company. My contact was the manager of the promotion department and he was very helpful in coordinating the meetings and going through the internal process for signing the contract. It helped our office to meet the monthly target in advance.

Q. What changed when comparing to the time you joined?


At the time I just graduated, so the most obvious change would be that I got old:) Speaking of changes, the first would be my confidence. As said, my work allows me to be in touch with many different industries and clients with different characteristics. Every deal are based on your client’s affirmation towards you and your products. To achieve this you must need a high level of confidence and passion. Moreover, being able to handle the obstacles within a negotiation and finally closing a deal would certainly be a large boost in morale and confidence for myself. Last but not least, I have learned to see things in a different angle, with different perspectives. I definitely felt more mature.

Q. What are your career goals in the future?


I hope that the Shanghai CA office would be able to grow twice base on the current manpower. Also, I would love to nurture another MD from Shanghai.

Q. What is the most touching experience in your career?


When we are still in Beijing, we managed to aquire our own office after 1 year in a serviced office. The new office needed decorations and furniture. We ordered the furniture and they are sending them at 4 am. So me and another colleague came back to the office in the early morning and helped the workers in setting up the furniture. When everything was done, it was just the time for sunrise. Our office was located at the east, and when the sunlight shines through the windows into our office, I was really touched. I could really feel all the effort that was put into a start-up type business.

Q. What are your advice to our applicants?


Meltwater has a very specific hiring guideline, and of course the expectations are high. In our interview, we will tell you that this is not an easy job. Meltwater does not care about your background or profession, but what we really care is whether you have the passion in B2B sales, whether you are looking for a platform that could exert your own potential and contribute to the team’s growth. In the beginning, you might not be familiar with presenting our products, or encounter some other obstacles. But at the same time, you will be having the opportunities to meet with directors and CEOs and show them that we could help solve their problems.


This is a job that needs someone who is self-driven, with positivity, and with the toughness to face difficulties. You would also be hanging around a bunch of young and fun people as well, so we hope that you are ready for such an interesting environment!



Meet Bianca

Bianca Fang


Managing Director,

Client Acquisition,

Hong Kong



Joined in 2016.

Become the Managing Director within 4 years

Developed CA HK as Talent Powerhouse for Meltwater Greater China

Q. What is the major difference between Meltwater and other MNCs? 


I am not working as a sales role before I joined Meltwater. Meltwater provides me ownership and opportunities to unleash my potential. We have an international cultural background, detailed workflows and a collaborative working environment here. Meltwater always encourages workers to think like an entrepreneur, with a fast-paced style of working and prospect future career planning.

Q. Is it a wise choice that switching your career path to sales? Why?


It is a coincidence that I heard about Meltwater when I come to Hong Kong. Working environment and company culture are top priorities when choosing the place that I really want to work for. 
Meltwater is having an excellent working culture which as similar to some MNCs. Personally, the relationship with colleagues is important for me as I value teamwork. As a team, we discuss a lot and learn from others, which brings a positive impact to personal growth as well as sales growth. 
I am a person that is willing to accept the challenges. As a sales role, I feel like I can challenge myself and see how much can I go further. In Meltwater, the CA team must have a talented interpersonal relationship and communication skills. No matter for the future entrepreneur-to-be, or an outstanding regional manager, good communication skills are a bonus to the future career. 

Q. What are the biggest challenges that you have faced?

In terms of sales, prospecting is already a challenge especially when people have not heard about Meltwater. They will simply hang up the phone whenever they heard something new and hard to understand. I am still finding an effective method to pitch different clients, like understanding their concerns, providing sufficient after-sales support and maintaining a good and sustainable relationship with them. It is successful when finishing the long-awaited deals. 
Furthermore, we cannot expect the clients to align with us, in which leading to a diverse result at the end. Basically, I have to modify my attitude and perform better next time. Be humble when making the achievement and be self-motivated when having failure as it is part of the journey that we have to live with. 

Q. What is the most exciting moment in your career with Meltwater?

I once started a new conversation with a client that was not on the potential list of Meltwater and we formed our partnership with them at the end. Building up trust, a high proposition of Meltwater services and my outstanding working abilities are the major reasons to close the deal. After the handover to the senior manager, we still keep in touch which makes me feel extremely successful. 
Another thrilling and exciting moment will be joining the annual global kick-off as a newbie. Global Kick-off is an event that gathers all the Meltwater employees in the world and is recognized by the supporting parties. I remembered my manager had said ‘Spotlight is earned by making limitless efforts’ and it changed my mindset to work as smart as possible. In order to become the shining star on stage, I knew that I needed to work hard and grow fast. 
Currently, the sales growth of Meltwater Hong Kong comes out top among the industry. Not only earning more attention from the general public but also building a reputation among the media monitoring leaders.

Q. Have you encountered any failure in Meltwater?

Yes, I have, especially when the targets are not met. I felt lost for not achieving the target at the beginning. I am a person with high self-discipline and always strike for the best in high school. However, I doubt my abilities after I worked for sometimes. Are the follow-ups with clients not well-prepared? Am I missing the right time to approach potential clients? When facing difficulties, I will view my weaknesses objectively and find out the appropriate solutions. It is essential for us to learn a lesson and to act promptly and turn it as a motivation.

Q. Would you provide some advice to anyone interested in joining Meltwater Client Acquisition team and some little tips for the potential Managing Director?

Personally, everyone should develop their own SWOT analysis to understand their strengths and weaknesses and further build up their possible opportunities and emerging threats. I used to work as a Management Trainee in the hospitality industry and planned my future career path to talent development and people management. 
In terms of teamwork, I enjoy being the mentor role as I can share my experiences and challenges for them to take as references. Though it is tight to work with the sales work itself, it is high-efficiency and beneficial to work with a team that is collaborative and firm. 
My recommendation is not to work in haste and set an unattainable target for yourself. Our Senior Area Director Ewan has said that people won’t remember how much time you take to become the MD, they only recognize your achievement as an MD. You should be hard-working and responsible for the assigned task and to your clients. 

Q. What do you think of the future of meltwater from the industry-wide perspective?

We can see loads of changes in this industry. The term ‘Media monitoring’, ‘Media Intelligence’ are something new to the clients in the past decade. Due to advanced technology, media monitoring has become one of the accessibility of Public Relations for a company and the development is more mature in the China market. 
However, there is still a long to go for in China by comparing it to European countries and America. We can view it as a fast-growing industry and there is full potential for Meltwater to grow in China. 
At first, we discussed the media monitoring to media intelligence in a more advanced stage. Currently we aim at ‘outside insight’, by providing some keys and strategies for different companies. 
I am glad to see that Meltwater is taking the lead role in this industry.

Q. What do you think about working in Hong Kong as a non-local?

I used to work in Shanghai. Shanghai and Hong Kong is different in terms of living style and the historical culture.  Shanghai is more artistic with more cultural events being held each year. However, I can access to the natural environment easily in Hong Kong, in which incomparable with any countries in the world. Meltwater Hong Kong is an international office with locals, Singaporese and Taiwanese etc. You can meet different people with huge cultural background here and Respect is always our perseverance no matter where you are from. 


Meet Lynn

Lynn Gong


Business Development Manager,

Client Acquisition,

Hong Kong



Joined in 2016 through the Management Trainee Program.

Enjoy taking up new challenges that come with working for a hyper-growth office globally - Hong Kong!

Focus on helping our technology and Internet clients in China to make better decisions using alternative data. 

Q. Upon graduating from HKU, what is the career plan at that time?

I graduated with a double major in Comparative Literature and English. Basically, students came from mainland China are taken the working location into account. With high peer pressure in HKU, my school mates were eager to participate in an internship. For an Art student, there are two major career paths being found: studying for a masters degree or working in the banking industry. 
I was a little confused about my career goals at that time so I chose something totally different - joining a one-year program of international thoroughbred internship in Ireland.

Q. It is a unique choice for the majority of fresh graduates. What were you thinking about?

The living style is totally different from Hong Kong. I would like to turn my life around the other way. I want to explore more when I was young. I didn’t regret making that choice as I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave me a clear understanding of myself.

Q. Why choosing Meltwater?

As mentioned, fresh graduates will normally go for three paths: studying a masters’ degree, getting into the banking industry and joining the MT program in large MNCs. Meltwater is special for a mainland graduate and it is quite different from what we expected. Based on my personality, I prefer not to work in a large company with a small role such as an assistant. Working in a start-up not only with high flexibility but also with high risks alternatively. 

It is fast-paced and challenging here without the traditional framework as an international corporation. With well-organized teams and a great management system, Meltwater is a well-established company in this competitive industry. 

We are using Flat Management that encourages youngsters to grow and nurture by themselves. As a worker in Meltwater, we have high autonomy in planning our work and approaching new clients. In terms of the cultural background of my colleagues, it is a balance in Meltwater Hong Kong. Unlike the other company, our proportion of locals and mainlanders is around half-half, which boost the cultural diversity a lot. Hong Kong is a financial hub that everything is up-to-date. It is interesting that Meltwater and I are growing together these years, and will keep it up!

Q. What do think about Meltwater as a sales role?

I realized that I like pitching the clients at the very first beginning. I have worked for an art commenting website for advertising sponsorship during my university life. Though it is much more difficult to acquire clients, both of them require similar soft skills such as communication skills as we need to handle cold-calls in daily routine. 

Sales is testing my perseverance and endurance. I am a marathon enthusiast and love doing extreme sports. Instead of staying in a comfort zone, I would rather go for something hard and challenging. I feel more successful in achieving some goals. 

Sales is quite alike with marathon; time, practice, and skills are indispensable. Successfully closed a deal is the same as completely accomplished the whole marathon, which this accomplishment cannot be described by wordings.

There are two stages in my Meltwater journey; build up a solid foundation and be active to take the initiative. I first chose the start-up firms as my target client base, especially the China start-up firm. By that time, I have more opportunities to meet more founders and management teams, which is beneficial for my future career. Afterward, I start to pitch some large corporations and closed deals. I would say placing a good foundation will lead to a prospect journey when approaching to some new customers from various industries.

Q. What are the biggest challenges in Meltwater?

Being a mentor in the team. My manager gave me lots of support and guidance along my consultant journey and it’s time for me to teach and share my experiences to the next generation. We treasure the time of being as a team. Not only be the beacon light of the newbies, but also be a good listener and open-minded to different feedback.

Q. What is the most exciting thing in Meltwater?

The deals that I closed in my second month as a sales consultant, I cried during the closing dinner. I have gone through different ups and downs like missing the targets, I think that is a cry tear of joy and I will be remembering this all the time.

Q. Any frustration you have faced in Meltwater?

One of the cultures of Meltwater is giving constructive feedback within the team. For example, teammates will directly point out the strengths and weaknesses of a cold-call. I thought the comments were too harsh at that time as I thought my cold-call skills have been improved. However, I have understood that we can make a great leap if we faced the weaknesses. Currently, I am welcomed with the recommendations as I knew they are the moderators to drive me to success.

Q. Which type of graduates do you think is suitable for Meltwater? Any suggestions for future career development?

It is always welcomed someone with high ambiguous and enjoy learning in a  fast-paced firm. We can bear our ownership and responsibility as an individual. A metaphor for Meltwater would be a ‘sales college’. It is educated to be highly responsible, skillful in sales management and provided you an opportunity and platform to grow and empower the self-discipline.

Q. What do you think of the future of meltwater in terms of an industry-wide sales?

After joining Meltwater for a few years, I observed the coverage of public media has been ameliorated and witnessed the changes in different industries. Media Intelligence is common in Europe and the USA. The development of professionalism in PR and data analysis in China is growing rapidly. Still, there is room for improvement for becoming the giant in the industry, in which the media monitoring industry has a large potential to grow in these decades.

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