Cindy Jin

Senior Enterprise Representative, China

"This is a job is for someone who is self-driven, positive and tough enough to face different obstacles."

Cindy joined Meltwater in 2008 as a Sales Manager in the Client Acquisition team straight out of college and was quickly promoted as Managing Director after 3 years. She was the 4th employee hired during Meltwater's Mainland China expansion and a founding member of our Shanghai and Beijing office. She has since been working here for more than 10 years and, in 2013, was named the first million dollar club member in Meltwater Greater China.

Q. What attracted you to stay in Meltwater for more than a decade?

Actually, a lot of people have asked me this question, including clients as well. Everyone seems to want to know how I sustain the passion I have for my first job for so long. One major reason is that I've witnessed Meltwater's growth globally and in China in its entirety. When I first joined Meltwater, we didn't even have an office in Mainland China.


The Shanghai team was, first, sent to Hong Kong for two months for training, then, went back to Shanghai with only five people. This was back in 2008-2009 and a few years later, in 2011, we founded our Beijing office!


I was apart of Meltwater's Greater China expansion and witnessed every key moment that has contributed to our current success.  Through a company like Meltwater, I have had the opportunity to be in touch with people from a plethora of industries and professions. I have learnt so much from them: their businesses, their strategies sand their working style. I also really my team's dynamic and energy. 


Q. What are the proudest projects you have handled?


I think the experience with WHO and China-ASEAN Exposition are two projects that are worth sharing the most.

The WHO is a renowned NGO and a long-time client of ours since 2009. At that time, I had just joined Meltwater and wasn't very experienced. So inevitably, I had to spend a lot of time and effort while working towards this case. They used our platform to monitor announcement of new government policies from health ministers and updates on novel sicknesses and viruses within the APAC region. The platform was mainly used by their marketing department to aid in mass data collecting. It was actually a very quick process from negotiation to onboarding, I showed them a demo and it seems like the signed with us right afterwards. They ever wrote me a thank-you letter afterwards. It was a very memorable and delightful experience working with them. 

As for the China-ASEAN Expo, the company is a state-owned enterprise in GuangXi with a very strict hierarchy within the company. My contact was the manager of the promotion department and he was very helpful in coordinating meetings and going through the internal process for signing the contract. They were very cooperative and efficient and this even helped our office meet our monthly target earlier than expected.

Q. What changed when comparing to the time you joined?


I joined Meltwater fresh out of college, so the most obvious change would be that I got old :')

Anyways, overall, the first change would be my confidence. As aforementioned, working at Meltwater allowed me to be in touch with people from various industries.


A key factor in closing any deal is your client's affirmation towards you and your products. To be successful in this, you much need to be very assured and confident in yourself and also be passionate about your work. 

Moreover, having the ability and agility to take on any roadblock in any negotiation and finally closing the deal would undoubtedly be a massive boost in my own morale and confidence. Last but not least, I have learnt to see things in different angles and perspectives. Overall, I feel like I have matured a lot.


Q. What are your career goals in the future?


I hope that the Shanghai CA team will be able to grow twice its current size in terms of manpower. I would also love to nurture and mentor another MD from Shanghai!

Q. What was the most touching experience in your career?


During our Beijing expansion, we managed to acquire our own office after one year at a serviced office. While renovating the new office, we ordered furniture and the delivery company ended up sending them at 4 am.When we are still in Beijing, we managed to aquire our own office after 1 year in a serviced office. The new office needed decorations and furniture. We ordered the furniture and they are sending them at 4 am so me and a few other colleagues had to come back to the office in the crack of dawn to set up the furniture. When everything was done, it was time for the sunrise. The office faced the east and when the sun rose, the sunlight shone through all the windows into our office. That was truly a sight to behold. I was really touched and I truly came to comprehend what all our effort has amounted to.​

Q. What advice do you have for our applicants?


Meltwater has a very specific hiring guideline, and of course the expectations are high. During the interview, we will tell you that this is not an easy job.


Meltwater does not really care about your background or profession, but what we really care about  is whether or not you have a passion for B2B sales and if you are looking for a platform to exert your best effort, reach your optimal potential and contribute to our team's growth, and in the bigger picture _ Meltwater's success.

In the beginning, you may not be familiar with our products and you may encounter that could many obstacles along the way.


However, concurrently, you will have the mentorship and guidance of our managers and directors who will guide you and advice you to solve different problems.


This job requires someone that is self-driven, positive and touch enough to face any obstacle that is thrown at them. You will also be hanging with a bunch of young, fun and ambitious people alike yourself. I hope you are ready for Meltwater's unique workplace culture!


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