"Taking a job in sales took a lot of courage because it’s all about taking full ownership of my accomplishments and unlocking new sales targets. "

Christina Yu

Managing Director, Client Acquisition, Shanghai


Christina joined Meltwater in 2017 as a Business Development Consultant, and was quickly promoted to become a Senior Business Development Manager within 3 years. Prior to Meltwater, she has already acquired a strong experience in sales considering her role as a Management Trainee in Hudson's Bay Company. Now at Meltwater, she was ranked Global Top 10 in sales in 2019 and has consistently exceeded sales targets. 

Q: During your career exploration, what plans did you have for your future career? 

Like many others, I’ve always wanted to work at a large corporation before. Later on I realized that it is best to find a company that offers me a suitable job instead rather than the prestige. My ideal workplace is a small to medium company that is fast-growing and with evolved management processes and procedures. In terms of my role, I have 2 years experience in B2C sales, so it would be rewarding to have a B2B sales job and it is related to marketing. I chose to join Meltwater because it gives me the resources and guidance to pursue all my career interests, while aligning with my future career aspirations.

Q: Why did you choose Meltwater?

I had a friend that was already working in Meltwater, and she referred the company to me.I chose Meltwater mainly because of its company and workplace culture. Meltwater has a pretty flat workplace hierarchy. Everyone is very focused on their job and there are no conflicts or judgement between office members. I also noticed that everyone experiences a lot of growth here as Meltwater puts a lot of trust in the younger generation and really focuses on how to cultivate their skills. Everyone at Meltwater truly resonates with our company’s mission and values and this really aligns with my ideal workplace.


My role as a B2B sales person is also incredibly challenging, which is exactly what I longed for. Regardless of what kind of role I decide to pursue in the future, whether it is in management, marketing or entrepreneurship, I believe that the experience of starting from zero in sales will be incredibly valuable. Lastly, I chose Meltwater because of the people who work here. Before my interview, I looked into the work history of Meltwater’s employees and I noticed that everyone had really diverse backgrounds. I knew that I would enjoy working with them because of our global mindset and diverse ways of thinking.  To my surprise, I received detailed feedback during every stage of my interview process which helped me better myself quickly; this is not a usual sight at other companies.

Q: What does (being a) sales at Meltwater mean to you?

Working at Meltwater is like playing a game where every level has its own challenge. Whenever I am confronted with a new challenge, it may initially seem too tough and impossible to overcome. Yet looking at my peers, I become inspired and self driven to break big problems into solvable component problems and match their success. Whenever I unlock a challenge, I realize that nothing is impossible in life. Regardless of any undesirable circumstances, my fellow colleagues are always the one that offers me endless support and encouragement, cultivating our interpersonal relationships and further accelerating my personal growth.

 Looking at my peers, I become inspired and self driven to break big problems into solvable component problems and match their success.


Q: What was the most difficult challenge you were confronted with at Meltwater?

I was initially very hesitant to take up a job in sales because B2B sales seemed very tough at times. I used to work at a big corporation and the company’s big name was the driving force of our motivation. On the other hand, I didn’t know anyone at Meltwater and sales didn’t appeal to me a lot, so I found it unfamiliar. However, I still departed from my previous job because I didn’t feel valued for my individual accomplishments and felt like I wasn’t able to make such a big impact in such a large company. While at Meltwater, I have  full ownership of my accomplishments as I get the autonomy to decide which clients to work with and what solution we should offer them. Now that I’ve become a manager, I have the responsibility to inspire my team, motivate them, lead them to better sales performance and guide them to success in their careers. In the process of adjusting into my management position, 


I noticed that every member had very different working styles. Therefore, I had to think of the most effective and efficient way to communicate with everyone - this was my first obstacle in this role. Additionally, I had to think about how I should build and sustain my team’s culture. I realized that having a unique team is incredibly important and having trust for each other is integral to success. Nevertheless, I have to credit my leader who has always provided me with the support I needed whenever I was confronted with any roadblocks, and it has definitely accelerated my professional and personal growth. 

I have  full ownership of my accomplishments as I get the autonomy to decide which clients to work with and what solution we should offer them.

Q: What excites you the most at Meltwater?

I have had a lot of exciting encounters during my time at Meltwater. For example, my first call with a client  ended up being my first deal that I was able to close within the shortest time frame. Since this was only the beginning, it felt really reassuring and gave me a lot more confidence. 2019 has been a very fruitful year for me, not only in terms of my sales record that landed in the global Top 10, but one of my teammates and I were able to attain the APAC golden key. This was not a common occurrence, I felt like all my efforts have been wholly rewarded with this milestone.


Q: Do you have any upsetting moments that you recall during your time at Meltwater?

December 2017 was a pretty depressing time for me. I had just joined the sales team and everything seemed to be smooth sailing at first.  However, I wasn’t able to achieve my Q4 target. During that time, I consulted my seniors for advice and they’ve all shared similar experiences of failures. This reassured me and allowed me to readjust my mindset to continue to deliver my best work.


Q: What kind of person do you think should join Meltwater? Do you have any advice for career development?

Tenacity, curiosity and an entrepreneurial mindset are three key things a Meltwater employee should have. In terms of advice, I would emphasise that success isn’t unattainable, but it is a target that we have to restlessly work towards every day. Consistency is very hard to attain but you are ultimately in charge of your own destiny; you need to truly believe in yourself to be successful in anything.

Tenacity, curiosity and an entrepreneurial mindset are three key things a Meltwater employee should have.

Q: What is your opinion regarding Meltwater and the big data and media intelligence industry?

Forming strategies often require large amounts of industry data and our clients are often very open minded towards emerging technology like media intelligence software as well. Currently, there’s an increasing number of B2B corporations that are starting to diversify and enter different technology fields, which requires a profound understanding in their competitors, industry landscape and latest trends locally and globally. Through media intelligence and analytics, big data has a lot of potential developments in China.

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