"It is essential for us to constantly learn from our mistakes and act promptly to correct them and turn it into a sense of motivation."

Bianca Fang

Account Executive, China


Bianca joined Meltwater in 2016 as a Sales Consultant in the Client Acquisition team and was quickly promoted as Managing Director in 4 years. Now as an Account Executive, she is the mastermind that cultivated Hong Kong's Client Acquisition team to become the powerhouse of Meltwater Greater China.

Q. What is the major difference between working at Meltwater compared to other MNCs? 


Before joining Meltwater, I didn't have much experience in sales. Working here has given me a lot more ownership of my projects and opportunities to wholly unleash my potential. Everyone in Meltwater comes from very different backgrounds, contributing to our international community with detailed workflow and a collaborative work environment. At Meltwater, we are taught to think like entrepreneurs and keep up with a fast-paced work style and prospect future career planning.

Q. Was switching your career path to sales a wise choice? If yes, why?


I actually coincidentally heard about Meltwater when i first came to Hong Kong to look for job opportunities. And identifying a work environment and company culture that I resonated with was a top priority of mine while choosing where to work. 

Meltwater has an incredible work culture similar to some MNCs. Personally, the relationship you have at the workplace is very important to me since I really value teamwork. I believe that teams should have a lot of discussion with each other to learn from one another. All in all, this brings positivity, personal and sales growth.

I am someone that is always willing and ready to accept a challenge. In sales, I feel like my limits are constantly being tested and I see how I can grow further from every opportunity. At Meltwater, joining the CA team requires you to be talented, able to sustain healthy interpersonal relationships  and have excellent communication skills. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an outstanding regional manager, good communication skills is integral to being successful in any career.

Q. Have you encountered any failures in Meltwater?

Yes, I have, especially when the targets are not met.


In the beginning, I always feel lost when I fail to reach my target. I am someone who is highly disciplines and always shot for the best in high school. However, I sometimes find myself doubting my abilities sometimes. I question myself: Are the follow-ups with clients not well-prepared? Am I missing the right time to approach potential clients? When facing difficulties, I will reflect upon my weaknesses objectively and think of a solution. It is essential for us to constantly learn from our mistakes and act promptly to correct them and turn it into a sense of motivation.


Q. You were able to be promoted to Managing Director, and swiftly into Account Executive in such a short time. How different were the two roles? Could also you provide any tips for young professionals on how to get promoted quickly like you?


Regarding this question, I think everyone should develop their own SWOT analysis to understand their strengths and weaknesses. This can further open up  possible opportunities to grow and anticipate emerging threats in the workplace. I used to work as a Management Trainee in the hospitality industry and planned my future career path towards talent development and people management.

In terms of teamwork, I enjoyed my mentor role as I can share my experiences and personal challenges for juniors to take as references. Although it can be pressurising to work in a team for sales, having a collaborative and firm team behind you can always boost efficiency. 


My advice to young professionals aspiring in sales is to take your time and don’t work in haste. Our Senior Area Director, Ewan, once mentioned that people won’t care to remember how much time you took to become a Managing Director, because they will only recognise your achievement and devotion to attain that role. You should be hard-working and accountable for the assigned task and to your clients. Of course, it will be a win-win situation for young professionals to work in a promising environment that encourages fast tracked promotions, but it’s ultimately up to yourself to set clear goals and put them to practice. 

Q. What do you think the future holds for Meltwater from an industry-wide perspective?

The media intelligence industry is constantly changing. The terms "media monitoring"and "media intelligence" are both unfamiliar to many clients in the past decade. With cutting-edge and advanced technology, media monitoring has become crucial for public relations companies and enabling more mature business development in China.


However, China still has a long way to go for compared to other western countries. We can view this as a fast-growing industry and with a lot of growth potential for Meltwater in China.

Currently, Meltwater is focused on developing our "outside insights" by providing key tactics and strategies for different companies through media monitoring. I am glad to see Meltwater taking the lead role and being at the forefront of its own industry.

Q. What is your experience with working in Hong Kong a a non-local?


I used to work in Shanghai and I find that Shanghai and Hong Kong are very different in terms of their style of living and historical culture. Shanghai seems to be more artistic in a sense that there are more cultural events held every year. On the other hand, nature is more prevalent in Hong Kong compared to a lot of other places in the world.

In terms of Meltwater, our office has an international dynamic, with locals from Hong Kong and people from Singapore, Taiwan, etc. Here I was able to meet people of many different cultural backgrounds and I have learnt to always respect people and their perseverance in work regardless of where they are from.

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