"While there are no fixed career progression here at Meltwater, I’ve persisted throughout different obstacles to get to where I am today. "

Angella Yue

Senior Manager, Media Insights & Analytics Team


Angella started in Meltwater as a Media Analyst, and was quickly promoted to become an Implementation Manager within 2 years. She received her masters from The University of Manchester, specialising in Management Information Systems. Angella had always aspired to work in a global tech firm the moment she realised the impact of Meltwater's disruptive technology, paving her way today in the industry of media intelligence. The insight team is committed to challenging existing business models and stay as a forefront of Meltwater's disruptive innovation. 

Q:I noticed that you have an outstanding academic background in some of the most prestigious universities. You did not study business analytics during undergraduate or master. What were your thoughts about your career path and goals after you graduated? Were your plans very different from your peers who studied the same program as you?

 I was always drawn to working in a global tech firm because of its international exposure and culture. Before coming across Meltwater, the thought of entering a media intelligence software company never occurred to me. My aspirations soon changed as I realised the impact and future of cutting-edge technology.  While 

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most of my peers at university pursued their careers as programmers, bankers or consultants after graduation, I was motivated to choose an alternative path that led into the unique industry of media technology.

Q:  What was your motivation in choosing Meltwater? How does working at Meltwater align with your career goal?

I was attracted by the international culture and the people here. People at Meltwater create an energetic and growth-driven culture. I was highly attracted by Meltwater’s international presence and its MER values. From the small details in its website and logo, I became inspired by its tech savvy environment. There are immense learning opportunities that encourage my long term personal and professional growth. From the beginning of the recruitment process to working at Meltwater, I had the privilege to witness the professional success of its people in the way they communicate and interpret challenges.


Q: If you are asked to name 1 thing that appeals to you to join the Key Account Insight team, what would that be and why?

I would say it would be the dynamic challenges we face on a daily basis that pushes us to reach new boundaries. Within the Key Account Insight team, we are taught to think critically and independently. Media monitoring provides us with mass information, and it is our role to extract and interpret the data that is relevant and concise for the client to use. As time went by, there were significant improvements in my ability to approach and accept challenges, where this risk-taking mindset enabled me to grow further from every possible opportunity.

Media monitoring provides us with mass information, and it is our role to extract and interpret the data that is relevant and concise for the client to use.

Q:  You started as a Media Analyst and then recently became an Implementation Manager, can you summarize the key responsibilities for these two roles with some examples?

Being a Media Analyst requires skills in understanding clients needs, qualitative and quantitative analysis. This includes understanding the problem broadly, identifying patterns, discovering reasons why, mastering data cleaning techniques to writing an insightful report.  As the media monitoring industry and our clients' needs are constantly changing, remaining adaptable and flexible are key traits in a fast-paced environment like Meltwater. It is common for Media Analysts to be involved in many client-facing projects at the same time while delivering them to high standards. 


On the other hand, being an Implementation Manager meant greater responsibilities in leading an entire team to conduct project implementations.

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What fascinates me is that I have the autonomy to assume full responsibility in supporting client needs and guide their usage in our reporting services within the first 3 months of project on-boarding. This often involves thorough communication with our client and internal teams. Most importantly, managing projects allows me to create a greater impact on our business as well as earning the clients’ trust. I am currently mentoring junior media analysts on how to master the necessary skills to become a successful analyst. I believe through giving direct feedback and setting expectations is how we can encourage the culture of constant learning and active improvements at Meltwater.

 It is the strong feedback mechanism that facilitates the environment of constant learning and active improvements that sets Meltwater apart.

Follow-up question: How the work content contributes to your career growth and personal development?

You can grow rapidly once you join Meltwater, where the possibilities of learning new knowledge about media analysis are endless. Being able to scrutinise different perspectives and encapsulate new knowledge would be key to a successful role of a media analyst. 


However, greater commitments are needed to deliver client success with every interaction made as an implementation manager.  Working with different clients also meant greater challenges that required new approaches.  I’ve worked with clients including Metlife and Siemens Energy, who have specific requests that take time for our business teams to align our common objectives. Our team has to proactively seek out internal and external opportunities for growth for each client’s subscription, where each project is unique to its own. I believe that it is our flexible and innovative media intelligence solutions that drive business value across all areas, and it personally makes me really motivated.  In the past, seniors would often lead by replicating. After I’ve become a mentor figure, I’ve discovered that seniors should facilitate an effective upward and downward feedback mechanism to continually encourage learning and development among junior analysts.

Q:As an Implementation Manager, do you have any particularly interesting or challenging projects in hand that you can share with us? 

There has been a lot of exciting, but challenging projects during my role as an Implementation Manager at Meltwater. One of our clients was a gaming company where we had to work directly with their PR and Marketing department in regard to their new game launches and media sentiments. I had to analyse over five different markets to evaluate its new collaborations and campaigns in local market performances to collect large amounts of data. I spent about 3 days developing an automated calculation process that could handle the large amounts of data requested by the client. Experiencing such challenges also meant I learnt a lot from it.  I got the opportunity to look into the different marketing tactics for their game campaigns, and observed how they function in different local markets. Overall, I am really glad that I took the initiative to acquire and perfect my work to satisfy my client with all their needs. 

 I’ve worked with clients including Metlife and Siemens Energy, who have specific requests that take time for our business teams to align our common objectives.

Q:It should not be easy to be an Implementation manager, what are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced in your time at Meltwater and how did they shape who you are now? 

Cross team communication was one of the biggest challenges I managed to come across during my time at Meltwater. Especially during renewed times of COVID-19, building a good relationship with your colleagues while working remote can be tough at times. Although Meltwater emphasizes a strong collaborative and vocal work environment, it is inevitable that disagreements and clashing opinions can arise.  I’ve learnt that we need to proactively communicate with different stakeholders to solve problems in a timely manner. This has certainly refined my communication teamwork skills as I’ve learned to negotiate and balance the interests of different people. Moreover, challenges can occur during client communications. We have to proactively build good relationships with unfamiliar clients  while learning how to communicate with each other. 



Q:Can you share with us some of your most exciting moments that you are the most proud of during your time at Meltwater?

For example,  I recap after each conversation and maintain objective minutes. It is important that after each meeting, minutes are being recorded to capture the objectives and action plans. This can improve cross departmental communication. Also, we had to learn how to deal with tough clients and exceed their expectations in undesirable circumstances. I found that solving a problem through a collective team effort always helps to overcome this challenge eventually, because we get to learn from each other and bring out innovative solutions. In the future, I’m always reminded to keep the client’s need in mind with everything we do, and to communicate about what we can do as early as possible so it is easier to align our expectations

I can recall a lot of happy moments at Meltwater as it is a well established company filled with ambitious, young and energetic people. The culture prides in a fun and ‘work hard play hard spirit’, and it definitely reflects that!  I particularly enjoyed holding office sharing sessions about the business cases, latest media trends and the best practices as well as participating in the campus recruitment talk, because it gave me a sense of ownership and recognition. There was a moment when we presented to the whole office about the new research and analysis methodology after a new client acquisition, it made me feel very accomplished and valued. I felt like my hard work truly paid off when I received positive feedback from clients in our report as well.


I found that taking new challenges was extremely fulfilling and motivating for me personally. I'm so thankful for such a collaborative and supportive workplace, which also helps to build strong client relationships. Every time a client was satisfied with what we’ve produced, it fills a sense of confidence back in our team. The challenging work here also motivates me a lot. Often we were encouraged to design new  approaches to analyze and handle the client’s needs with extra care, such as ensuring the client’s needs are well-communicated. I am thankful that everyone here works collaboratively and creates a supportive workplace environment that innovates new methodologies and technological tools. The client regained confidence in our work as he discovered the strong business value behind the reports  and was satisfied with the final result. I felt a great personal growth after  this  where I learned that no matter how challenging a project can be, we shouldn’t give up on showcasing our capabilities to gain their trust. At the end of the day, success is always felt amongst your team.


Q:Can you share with us any disappointing moments you encountered at Meltwater?

For the first one and a half years, I have to admit I felt a bit lost in terms of my career progression. During that time,  I was assigned to a business trip to our Singapore office for some project handover, where I learned a lot about project management, team management, conflict management and client communication skills. This helped clear my career direction as I’ve felt a strong connection with Meltwater’s culture and the business impact I can create to our clients in general.

Q:What qualities or traits do we usually look for in an applicant for the position of Media Analyst role at the Key Account Insight Team?

 Normally we look for people who embody a positive attitude towards their work and the people around them, and show respect for everyone. Meltwater has a great company culture well known for its MER values, so it is important for young talents to reflect this. As the work in Meltwater can be often challenging, this job requires proactive and fast learners to adapt to changing client needs from different industries. While your background and profession does not have to be relevant, we really care about how you think innovatively to leverage advanced technology to discover new insights.

I learned that no matter how challenging a project can be, we shouldn’t give up on showcasing our capabilities to gain their trust.

Q:I noticed that it only took you around two years to be promoted from a media analyst to an implementation manager, which is a pretty fast career track. What is the career progression like at Meltwater? Can you share with us what traits are looked for that can lead to success in the career path at MW?

I would say that your first year at Meltwater should be used to learn and develop both soft skills of communication and teamwork, as well as hard skills of data mining and reporting.  As an analyst, take the ownership to handle reports independently and lead a project. After becoming an Implementation Manager, you need to focus more on business and people management. 


There is no fixed career track here and it really depends on your performance and leadership potentials. I had a colleague who was promoted to senior analyst in 4 months because she had the ability to handle projects independently, proved her capabilities and showed strong career ambition.


Two tips I would share are:

 1. ‘Resistance’. You have to persist to face different obstacles in order to achieve personal growth. Overcoming a challenge gives you the strength to withstand greater difficulties in the long run. 

2. ‘Critical thinking”. You should have your own ideas and garner independent thinking  in order to pitch original and innovative ideas. You’ll be surprised to discover something inspiring or something new which has never been observed by the others.

Q:I noticed that your academic focus has been Management Information System since undergrad, and now you are very involved in the information/media analytics industry. Based on your understanding and experience, can you share your views/observations on the media analytics industry right now and the future of it? Did the industry change?

Media is a fast-changing industry, and media analysis is an emerging  field with a large potential for development. With changing demands in the new information age,  our data analysis should keep up with new industry trends and media innovations.


Despite the fact that Meltwater currently focuses more on content data, the future opens up to more video and audio data. Since there is an emerging larger variety of media channels and clients' requests are also getting more diverse in the Greater China region, we can try to analyse more types of content and do a lot more with these types of data. We are still only at the very start of this process. There are opportunities for Meltwater to monitor more PR crises and  structure  KPI tools. Currently, meltwater is strong at discovering social media trends and track brand sentiments. We are gradually adjusting ourselves to provide insights for the early stage of business activities in regards to methods in reaching its objectives and utilising new marketing ideas.  In other words, there are still a lot of areas in media analytics awaiting to be explored by our team.

Q: Furthermore, What’s your point of view on Meltwater’s position in the industry and what role do you think our clients see us play?  

Meltwater is one of the leading companies in the media intelligence industry. Its role with the client is always changing. We can be a business intelligence agency that leverages useful data to provide an objective report on their performance, and can also be held accountable as a  strategic partner that advises on client's  overseas expansion.We are able to discover relevant trends and news mentions to help our clients to understand the media landscape of their industry. This remains a forefront in our competitive advantages, and I believe other competitors lack in the areas we do best.

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