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A Typical Day at Meltwater

Wondering what B2B sales and account manager are really like?

Our B2B sales and account managers are lucky to experience a lot of variety and a jam-packed and exciting day almost every day — but it’s also not the easiest lifestyle. So, if you’re thinking about becoming a B2B sales or account manager, read on for a glimpse into a day in the life of one—and see if it could be the life for you.

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A Day in the Life of a Sales Consultant at Client Acquisition

9-10 AM

Power Hour!

It involves cold calling prospective clients for demos. This also includes any self-priorities such as chasing up any contracts and asking for feedback from relevant stakeholders. 


10 -12 PM

Client Communication

Normally consists of product demos, making follow-up calls to previous leads.

12-1 PM

Research and Analysis

Prospecting, finding new clients through press releases, PR efforts, and news. 

We aim to make around 40 to 60 calls a day.

2-3 PM

Power Hour!

3-5 PM

Client Communication

Product demos, making follow-up calls to previous leads. We repeat our routines and turn them into an energizing cycle! 

5:30 PM

Wrap Up

It's the time we conclude our targets for the day. 


A Day in the Life of a Account Manager at Client Success

8:45 AM

Morning meeting

Catching up with the team about most important client cases of the month.

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9-10 AM and 2-3 PM

Power hours

I always eat the frogs first by doing the most difficult thing in the first hour and reaching out to clients before they come to us.

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11-12 PM and 4-6 PM

Client meetings

Conducting Executive Business Review with the decision marker for subscribing to our licence to ensure that we’re still strategically aligned and that we constantly update clients with insights on new products and solutions.

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10-11 AM and 3-4 PM

Dealing with critical tasks of the day

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Coordinate with the support team on the Client Support task. Liaise with report team to clarify requirement of client requests and other contractual things.

Every Week

Learning & Development hour

Meltwater Academy for us to check our industry and product knowledge so that we can upskill ourselves.

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Every Two Weeks

Management meeting

Talk about people and what the high potential leaders are, the standards in office, and the betterment of the client experience that we are upholding ourselves to.

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Office reflection session

Reflect on the wishlist of individuals and evaluate on what was done well.

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Team bonding activity

Hiking, rock climbing, bouldering, or playing card games.



Performance check

Keep track of every team member’s aspiration and provide mutual feedback.

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Knowledge sharing session

Everyone has their own pipe so we share cases with the team when there is something to learn, share resources that are beneficial for all.

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A Day in the Life of a Key Account Manager at Client Success Enterprise


9-9:30 AM

Outlining Priorities

Identifying and prioritizing any urgent tasks that need to be completed as soon as possible. 

9:30-1 PM

Tackling Important Tasks

Completing the tasks that I have prioritized for the day before lunch so I have time for other tasks.

1-4 PM

Completing Other Engagements

After completing prioritized tasks for the day and having lunch, I work on other engagements such as training and case studies.

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4-6 PM

Thinking Ahead

I leave time to plan ahead and stay organized. For example, I'll identify red flag cases and plan both a solution and a client call for the next day.

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Every Monday

Monday Morning Meeting

Macro-planning with team: outline the cases for the next 6 months and identify priorities. Extra time is used to improve current cases or look for cases that can be closed easily.

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Every Wednesday

Product Sharing Session

Encourages our team to be curious and a pioneer when it comes to different products while learning more about case studies

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Twice A Week

Hitting Financial Targets

Make sure all financial and procurement requirements are done.

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Multiple Times A Week

Client Meetings

Some challenging clients require more time and energy. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, I meet with them on a weekly basis.

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Life at Meltwater

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